Author Topic: What Has Trump Actually Said That is Antisemitic?  (Read 1148 times)


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What Has Trump Actually Said That is Antisemitic?
« on: October 30, 2018, 08:00:52 PM »
By TreeOfLiberty

Even casual observers with no particularly strong feelings for or against Trump must marvel at the range of evil he is now responsible for.  Following the Pittsburgh synagogue bombing, the headlines are it is Trump's latent antisemitism which is partly responsible.  In addition to an Islamophobe which is fairly well documented, Trump is now a white nationalist, a racist, and now an antisemite, according to the mainstream media.

So what are the antisemitic things Trump has said that makes him one?  Well, it turns out, he hasn't said anything like that, but, well, almost.  If you count bloopers by his former press secretary Sean Spicer, and his supposed refusal to denounce racists and white supremacists, even though he did, but not fast enough.  After the Charlotte, NC tragedy in which a protester was killed, NBC News reported in its headline: "Trump denounces white supremacists, 'racist' violence — two days after deadly car attack."   The racists and white supremacists in Charlotte were also antisemites, the real kind.

A comprehensive run-down of what makes Trump an antisemite can be found in "Trump has a long history of anti-Semitic dog whistles" published in  As the title suggests, if one cannot find anything that Trump has said which is actually antisemitic, then the using "dog whistles" innuendo will suffice.  The piece can be taken as the worst that legions of journalists can find, because if there were anything worse on the record, you bet we'd be hearing about it.

The damning list starts off with Trump retweeting, during the campaign, an image of Hillary awash in campaign money, with the caption in the middle of a six-pointed star, the shape of the Star of David.  Trump quickly deleted the tweet and said it was a "sheriff's star." 

But the best part of the new litmus test for what constitutes antisemitism is the Big Bank test.  Do you criticize big banks and their role in the economy?  Trump's "long history" of antsemitism included saying in a speech:

"It's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful large corporations and political entities. Just look at what this corrupt establishment has done to our cities like Detroit, Flint, Michigan, and rural towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and all across our country...

We've seen this first hand in the Wikileaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks, to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global interest powers, her special interest friends, and her donors."

That's it.  That's all it takes to make you a hard-core, dog whistle antisemite in America these days.  The author warns "Trump's use of global conspiracy tropes came very close to echoing racist myths about Jewish people."  This is "vague and ominous rhetoric to describe nefarious "banks" trying to undermine the working class."

The trouble is, Hillary did meet in secret with international bankers, and trade agreements from NAFTA on down do undermine US sovereignty, by allowing corporations to circumvent US laws by submitting lawsuits to international trade courts more friendly to their interests.

Furthermore, none other than Bernie Sanders early on in his campaign declared war on big banks, as well as global trade agreements.  Sanders said:

“Let’s be clear: the TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership} is much more than a “free trade” agreement. It is part of a global race to the bottom to boost the profits of large corporations and Wall Street by outsourcing jobs; undercutting worker rights; dismantling labor, environmental, health, food safety and financial laws; and allowing corporations to challenge our laws in international tribunals rather than our own court system.”

So the next time you use the words "global power structure" and speak of the effects of trade agreements extracted by such an entity on American workers, you are using a "global conspiracy trope."   Just remember: there is no global conspiracy by elites against the working man or woman, whose jobs move from country to country and land wherever pay is the lowest and conditions the harshest.  Big bankers are your friends, not your enemies.  Otherwise, you are antisemitic.


Bernie Sanders Ad, Bust Up Big Banks
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Re: What Has Trump Actually Said That is Antisemitic?
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