Author Topic: 4 false flag attacks by government that really happened. Why not the pipe bombs?  (Read 830 times)


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Just lol when the fake news media starts salivating when "right wing Trump supporters" speculate that something like the pipe bomb packages this month might have been false flags.  That is to say, planned and carried out by someone other than a lone nut in order to make Trump supporters look violent and dangerous.   

False flag operation - RationalWiki

A false flag operation is an operation conducted by one party or government and made to appear as though it were sponsored by another party or government.

History is full of now confirmed fake attacks designed to accomplish a political agenda, but media like the Washington Post etc. immediately pile on to anyone daring to suggest that parts of the government would do anything so dastardly, sputtering out words like bizarre, unhinged or whacky.  So how about these false flags that really did happen?

- Operation Northwoods - was never executed, but that wouldn't help you in a courtroom if you got caught in the advanced planning stages of a crime.  All the Northwoods planners got were demotions, if that.   Declassified documents now confirm that the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, led by Army General Lyman Lemnitzer, planned attacks that would kill Americans so it could be blamed on Cuba to force the US into all-out war.  ABC News:  U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba 

- The Gulf of Tonkin - The second Gulf of Tonkin attack on a US ship by the North Vietnamese was used as the pretext to escalate the Vietnam War from a small scale operation, to a massive comitment of troops which would eventually kill 58,000 American soldiers.  There is one problem.  It never happened.

- The Lavon Affair - In 1954 Israeli agents plant bombs inside US, British, and Egyptian targets in Egypt in order to blame the Muslim Brotherhood for the violence.  The plan fails, but not for lack of trying.

- The USS Liberty - Israel attacks a US ship with the aim of sinking it and blaming Egypt, to draw the US into Israel's war with Egypt at the time.   Captain Ward Boston, senior legal counsel for the Navy's Court of Inquiry into the attack on USS Liberty, came forward to report that the Court of Inquiry was ordered to conclude that the attack was an accident by President Lyndon Johnson.  Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Thomas Moorer concluded the same thing in an independent inquiry.   Israeli planes had observed the ship for hours before the attack.  The Liberty was flying two huge American flags unfurled on a clear day.  In the blockbuster documentary The Day Israel Attacked America, surviving crew report hearing radio chatter that confirmed the Israelis knew the ship was American.  Recently declassified NSA documents also confirm this.  The USS Liberty cover-up was organized and led by the US government, so yes, this counts as an US government false flag.   Legally an accomplice is just as responsible for a crime as the principle.

These are just the most easily confirmed instances of false flags committed by governments or rogue factions of governments.  What has changed in the last couple of years as Trump supporters narrow their eyes when conveniently timed attacks, before midterm elections, seem aimed at demonizing them, is that the major media is no longer trusted as far as anyone could throw it.
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check this out, free speech is "despicable!"  "DESPICABLE!"  FROM FAKE NEWS ITSELF CNN!

"Debunking the despicable 'false flag' theory on the mail bombs"
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